At Duraton Cement, we place sustainable development at the core of our business decisions and align our sustainability strategy with our business goals. This means concern for safety, environment, and communities, which guide our decisions to design, build and develop all our projects. We, therefore, take it upon ourselves to produce, provide and deliver in all honesty and with care, without any compromises.

We are focusing on reducing the environmental impact of our production process and improving the attributes of our products, to make structures more sustainable.

To meet the challenges posed by climate change, resource scarcity, urbanization, etc. we are mindful of resource utilization and the impact on nature. We will innovate and develop products, services, and solutions to protect the environment and provide maximum benefits to society at large. Our standards will only get higher day by day. 

Health & Safety

At Duraton Cement, we place health and safety at the center of everything we do and are committed to set the highest health and safety standards – from the daily routines in our plants to our customers' work sites and our actions in our neighboring communities.

We aspire to conduct our business with zero harm to people and to create a healthy and safe environment for our employees, contractors, customers, and all other stakeholders.

We are determined to eliminate fatalities from all operations and introduce enhanced procedures to ensure that circumstances surrounding such events are promptly identified and that lessons learned are communicated throughout the organization and contractors, as a matter of urgency.



At Duraton Cement, we are sensitive to the impact our plant operations may have on our neighbors, particularly the communities in the immediate vicinity. We plan to focus on the social and economic development of these communities, foster environmental awareness and support educational, cultural, and sports activities. 


At Duraton Cement, we are committed to mitigating the impact that our plant and logistics have on the surrounding communities. In this regard, our primary initiatives include monitoring and controlling air emissions; managing land and conserving biodiversity within and around our manufacturing facility with a vast green area.

Special efforts have been taken to ensure that the plant upholds the latest environmental norms with the help of bag filters at all transfer points and water sprinklers to control ambient dust. Our company and plant managers are responsible for implementing the Environmental Policy and achieving its objectives and ensure that our employees and contractors respect their environmental responsibilities

Our strategy to address climate change and to operate successfully in the coming low-carbon economy includes responsible management and reduction of our operations' CO2 emissions by increasing the energy efficiency of our plant, reducing the clinker factor and engaging in the sustainable transport of raw materials and distribution of our products.

Environment Reports