Duraton Cement Plant

India's Most Advanced Cement, Duraton Cement, rolls out of our plant located in Samastipur, Bihar.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was established in technical collaboration with FL Smidth of Germany, world leaders in cement technology and the plant produces cement at par with international standards.

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Advanced Process Control

The entire plant operates from a single point with the support of a sophisticated online computerized control system.

This ensures maximum automation in the manufacturing process, thus ensuring consistent product quality.

Two-Stage Superfine Grinding

Duraton Cement deploys the most advanced cement processing technology. The grinding mill is coupled with a high-pressure roll press in a closed circuit, supported with a high-efficiency separator which amplifies the action of grinding. This results in narrow and uniform particle size distribution, along with increased pack size, which accelerates the rate of gain of initial strength, consequently lowering water demand, and achieving higher cohesiveness. 

Fully Automatic Robot Lab

FL Smidth QCX Robot Lab fully automates critical activities – sampling, sample preparation, and analysis – to provide fast, reliable, and consistent quality assurance and process control.

Quality control checks are performed at various stages of incoming raw materials, in the process and final process and monitored through advanced robotics technology, which includes robotic auto-sampling from sample collection to the packaging stage.

The Robot Lab system improves sample preparation quality, has zero human error, higher sample throughput, lower sample turn-around time, zero human exposure, resulting in a highly consistent product quality and unparalleled customer satisfaction.