Company Profile

Duraton Cement is India's most advanced cement, designed to build an ever-growing India. Suitable for all categories of construction, Duraton Cement is a technically superior product that ensures high early strength, better durability of concrete and improved workability.

Duraton Cement is manufactured by Duratech Cements India Ltd, a technologically advanced cement manufacturing company that aspires to be a pioneer in the bulding material category.

Built on the values of quality, customer satisfaction, transparency, and human assets, Duraton Cement draws its expertise from a corporate culture of a 'Total Solutions Company,' and brings innovation and adoption of technology to the forefront and this sets apart its products and services and fulfills unmet consumer needs.

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Management Team

Harish Agarwal

Chairman & Director

Karan Agarwal

Managing Director

Anil Nagpal


Ashok Gupta


Satish Kumar Avasthi

Independent Director

Rashmi Sharma

Independent Director

One Vision One Team

Duraton Cement's Philosophy

Duraton Cement aims to be a pioneer in the cement industry by offering advanced products and innovative solutions that challenge conventions and push the boundaries and limits of construction.

Our Vision

To be a technologically advanced organization, respected in the communities in which it operates, for smart and environmentally sustainable use of resources, with people as its biggest asset.

Our Mission

To be recognized as a customer-centric organization and a total solutions provider committed to win over and retain customers through superior product quality, value-added services and by fulfilling unmet customer needs.

Our Values

  • To respect our end consumers, channel partners, suppliers and build lasting relationships with all of them.
  • To nurture and encourage our employees to create value for our customers and command their respect.
  • To be fair, demonstrate the highest ethical standards and keep our promises.
  • To never compromise on product and service quality and exceed expectations of customers and other stakeholders.
  • To value human life and health, and be committed to ensuring zero harm to our employees and all stakeholders.
  • To be a law-abiding and good corporate citizen, and implement environmentally sustainable and socially-responsible initiatives.
  • To adapt to customer needs with innovative solutions.
  • To demonstrate leadership by example and pursue excellence in everything we do.

Corporate Governance

At Duraton Cement, we believe responsible and effective corporate governance is the key to creating sustainable value, and to improve it through a set of core values. We do so by scanning the global environment and adopting the best practices and the latest technology.

Every single person at Duraton Cement, from the directors to the employees, shares the commitment to conduct business with integrity. We always comply with statutory laws and regulations, including human rights, labor-related issues, environment protection, and have an anti-bribery and anti-corruption stance.

We apply the highest standards of corporate governance to ensure long-term value and success for all stakeholder groups – employees, customers, suppliers, channel partners and the communities in which we operate.